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Locations Compiled by: Someguymc

Import / Export Your Progress

Trainer, your progress is saved locally to your web browser storage. If you clear your browser history, your progress will be lost.

To backup your progress, occassionally copy your Spiritomb ID Progress String below and keep it somewhere safe. You can import your progress at anytime by pasting this string into the import below.

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Active Nests & Parks Map

This map shows nests currently active. After a nesting cycle ends, this map will reset as we embark on a new cycle of discoveries!

Nests rotate every 2nd Wednesday at 4PM or sooner during special events. More on that here.

Parks with reported nest discoveries will display their Pokémon image.
Nests at these parks are awaiting discovery. Set off on a journey, Trainer!
These are parks needing additional information. To contribute, tap on any of these parks!
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